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Sage is from the Mediterranean region and is an integral part of the costal flora with the characteristic grey – green leaves, soft to the touch, just like velvet. Traditionally it was called "symbol of the eternal spirit", and there was a good reason for that. The name Salvia (sage) is from the Lain word "salvare", which means “to cure, to save".

It is recommended for inflammation processes of the mucous tissue in the mouth cavity and the throat, for gingivitis and gum inflammation. It helps with throat inflammations, laryngitis or vocal cord inflammations, and for healing mucous tissue small wounds from dental prosthetics or similar aids.

GOOD NATURE sage tea can be useful for colds (it can be inhaled to help clear sinuses), for indigestion, for lowering blood sugar levels, to stimulate liver function and to decrease sweating. In the warm summer nights, when you feel exhausted and without energy, make yourself a sage bath that will cool and refresh you.

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