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Аronia and cranberries fruit tea

More Antioxidants and Greater Refreshment!

Searching for tea mixture, the quality of which will undoubtedly be enriched with unique antioxidants, we have created a combination of two most powerful sources of such components.

We have created a new product within GOOD NATURE fruit tea range – aronia and cranberries!

Both fruits are source of anthocyanins, flavonoids, microelements and other materials useful for humans.

Aronia fruits caught scientists’ eye a long time ago primarily because of their dark blue color, resulting from exceptionally high presence of pigments called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are precisely the components with strong antioxidant activity, present in aronia in great amount, more than in any other fruit. These fruits have demonstrated their positive effect upon lowering of blood sugar, regulation of fats metabolism, improvement of circulation and lowering the possibility of heart disease.

Cranberry fruit is also abundant with antioxidants as well as components that prevent urinary tract infections.

Balanced mixture of aronia and cranberry enriched with apple fruit is a refreshing beverage with pleasant sour flavour, satisfactory and healthy.

Help yourself to a cup full of nature and health!

Aronia and cranberry is the right choice for all admirers of good and genuine refreshing tea.

2 grams per bag / 20 bags

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