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The GOOD NATURE Aronia and Sour Cherry Fruit Tea Now with Even More Antioxidants

Aronia fruits are also called “super fruits” precisely because of high amount of antioxidants they contain. Aronia has the advantage over other fruits with antioxidant capacity, such as grape seed, red huckleberry or blueberry fruit.

Aronia originates from North American continent, quickly spread to northern European countries and Russia, and is nowadays consumed a lot in Germany.

Being a source of anthocyans, i.e. components with capacity to neutralize free radicals in the body – that is the antioxidant capacity, aronia helps regulate the level of glucose and cholesterol in blood, protects the liver and improves its function, boosts immunity, circulation, blood clearing and regulates the high blood pressure.

It has bactericide and antiviral effect and is recommended against various infections, particularly the urinary tract infections.

Aronia fruit contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and microelements and has specific sour and bitter flavor.

The new aronia fruit tea combined with other fruits – pear, red huckleberry and sour cherry is an extraordinary tasty and refreshing drink, particularly pleasant in warm summer days.

The new aronia and sour cherry fruit tea is the right choice for people who enjoy iced tea.

100 grams tea per package

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