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This tea is a blend of dried apples and cinnamon bark, with added rosehip, hibiscus, pear and linden. Apple fruit is rich in fibres and pectin substances that help indigestion, and according to the newest information, they lower the risk of heart decease. The cinnamon bark added to the combination accentuates the natural apple aroma and gives it a special and unique taste. Cinnamon is a warm spice. It is sweet and has a relaxing effect.

GOOD NATURE apple and cinnamon fruit tea is very pleasant and aromatic drink. It is also an antiseptic great for combating bacteria, with a relaxing effect. The rich flavour also has a sour note from the rosehip and hibiscus. Their vitamin content gives it freshness and provides the body with natural protection.

We recommend it for any time of the day, especially after a meal, as it helps with the digestion. Enjoy it every time you need something to pick you up!

С2 grams per bag / 20 bags

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