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This tea is a blend of selected herbs - rosehip, hibiscus, apple, orange, aromatised with natural strawberry and vanilla aromas. From the first moment you start preparing the tea, you will be surrounded by the intensive aroma of the popular duo, strawberry and vanilla. There is some orange in the blend, therefore some citrus notes can be sensed. This tea is ideal for moments of enjoyment and is especially recommended for hot, summer days, prepared fresh, served over ice and with a few drops of rum.

GOOD NATURE strawberry and vanilla fruit tea will make you feel better whenever you have indigestion. It also has a mildly diuretic effect and helps improve the circulation. The tea has a sweet, a bit sour and refreshing taste with a memorable, pleasant aroma of freshly picked strawberries. Enjoy this memorable drink and taste the strawberry and vanilla GOOD NATURE tea!

2 grams per bag / 20 bags

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