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This tea is a blend of dried apples, lemon balm, fennel, elderberry, and almond blossom. This combination, with its rich bouquet, is full of freshness and has a recognizable note of bitter citrus fruits. The almond, elderberry flowers and fennel add some sweetness to this tea. The specific lemon balm essential oils with a lemony aroma complete the unique taste of this combination of herbs.

Lemon fruit tea has a pleasant, sour taste which has an uplifting effect. Its unique taste goes very well with honey. It is intensive, which is especially satisfying after an exhausting mental or physical engagement.

GOOD NATURE lemon fruit tea is real refreshment in the hot summer days. It can be prepared as a cold drink with several ice cubes and fresh lemon wedges. For an enhanced experience, you can add some crushed, fresh lemon balm and mint leaves. Starting the morning with lemon fruit tea will give you energy and vitality. Its refreshing power and rich content of essential oils make it a drink suitable for any part of the day.

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