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This tea is a blend of orange rind, rosehip, pear, hibiscus, lemon balm, almond blossom and added natural aroma. It is recognizable for its refreshing power and the sour-sweet taste enriched with fresh orange aroma. Orange rind is rich in exclusive essential oils and gives this combination a mildly bitter note. The relaxing effect of orange fruit tea is most effective in the afternoon hours. In summer, prepare this tea with crushed ice and add some freshly squeezed orange juice. Add a few lemon wedges.

The mild sedative effect of lemon balm will help you sleep after a hard-working day. It is best that you freshly prepare the tea and add a few drops rum in it. A true pleasure!

GOOD NATURE orange fruit tea is a truly refreshing and healthy drink. Exceptionally tasty and pleasant as both a hot and cold drink.

2 grams per bag / 20 bags

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