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Completely New and More Practical Concept of Consuming Kombucha

Kombucha is the new tea in the family of GOOD NATURE green and black teas.

The kombucha tea is prepared for all kombucha lovers, but also for those who would like to discover a new and more practical way of kombucha consumption. Each kombucha tea-bag contains kombucha powder, processed with special technology of previously prepared beverage that includes the fungus, and afterwards processed into powder through another technological process. Powdered kombucha is completely dissolvable in water; thus when filter bag is submerged in warm water, it dissolves completely. Modern technological procedures that are used for production of powdered kombucha provide for preservation of kombucha properties, while they largely simplify the method of its consumption.

The kombucha beverage, which is used to make powdered kombucha, is made of selected herbs and green tea with exceptional quality.

The tea beverage with powdered kombucha is also prepared from green tea and other herbs and fruits as well, that give the beverage an exquisite taste.

For those who are not very familiar with kombucha, a few facts:

  • The kombucha tea activates a large number of agents, the antimicrobial one being the most prominent. Kombucha also has hepatoprotective effect, improving the liver function, and preventing liver diseases. Being a good detoxifier, it speeds up the blood purification. Kombucha tea is rich in enzymes and vitamins, which improve the immune system and provide the body with energy and freshness. Since it contains B group vitamins, it is also good for alleviating menstrual pain. It can be used as strong protection against all types of arthritis.
  • Kombucha tea contains large number of chemical components with antioxidant and antiproliferative activity, which helps prevent growth of tumor cells. Kombucha helps prevent cardio-vascular diseases, stress, nervousness or insomnia. It is a good probiotic agent, improves digestion and digestive system in general, thus speeding up metabolism, aiding weight loss, and preventing diabetes.

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